About Us

Our Story

Hi, I’m Jeffrey Lo-A-Njoe, the founder of Woodzdark. An entrepreneur who deliver high-quality RFID Wallets. Woodzdark RFID wallet is designed with real, excellent quality leather and comes in many different designs and colors to meet any needs or preferences. Our RFID wallets are lightweight and can meet the needs of a wide range of spaces. Each of these women and men's RFID wallets was made with quality leather and other products to remain sustainable. The wallets' inner surface provides a safety layer tested and accepted to block RFID scanners. Trust your details would be protected with Woodzdark's durable, top-class RFID wallets. Every wallet comes nicely, making it the perfect gift for any event.




Why I choose to sell RFID Wallets? 

The debate about confidentiality is becoming incredibly valuable as technological advances continue. We believe it’s best not to share our login credentials and handle login details wisely, but did you know that your confidential data could be breached anywhere immediately from your pocket? Thankfully, there is security using "RFID wallets," commonly known as RFID blocking devices.


Are you worried about identity theft but like the wallet you've got? Our RFID Wallet is the only solution. Design to fit perfectly next to your money in the back of your wallet billfold, the insert provides a protective wall to secure your credit and debit cards from unauthorized entry.



Our Mission

“To provide for longevity, to feel worthy and give from passion, bring humanity a genuine love for the outdoors.”


Our purpose is to resolve the major lifestyle issues, with creative talent and a fresh mindset. It is made from the commitment to reinvent everyday products and provide elegant, minimalistic, and practical solutions that reflect you and your lifestyle.



Our Vision

“Our vision is to make your journey easier and more comfortable.”


We are offering excellent products that also standardize and improve everyday life. Our stylish RFID Wallets offer maximum utility — letting you do more with less — and, in turn, redefining the importance of daily life.


Our Core Values


In everything that we do, we offer quality and excellence. Our love for flawless, superb products and services 



We value challenges as they bring innovative ideas. We are committed to creativity and passion for dealing with things.



Each effort will be made to make sure our customers protection. Your security is our top priority. 



Faith in one another to provide our customers with the best product. Adhere to the highest level of professionalism.


Thanks for taking the time to visit Woodzdark. You're here on the website that means a lot to us. We are very devoted to customer loyalty and would go out of our way to assist you. For more details, write an email to skypgee@gmail.com. You can also follow us on Instagram @woodzdark.




Jeffrey Lo-A-Njoe, Founder